Contract Review

You've just finished your training and are finally about to enter "the real world.” Or maybe you’ve worked for a while and are taking on a new opportunity now. In either case, your contract is worth hundreds of thousands a year, and millions of dollars over a lifetime.


As physicians, we’ve been training to help save lives. We don't always know what benefits to ask for or what we're really worth to the practice. We also aren’t aware of what could adversely affect us down the road should things not work out. Chances are the contract you’ve been given was written by the practice’s lawyers and is heavily tilted against you. As is, it’s probably not something you should sign.


Fortunately for you, FairPayDoctor has partnered with experienced attorneys who specialize in physician contract review and negotiations. Armed with FPD’s detailed data, our attorney is in a much better position to negotiate better terms into your contract while also working to eliminate harmful clauses and language.


For a small sum, buy yourself peace of mind and make sure you start your new job on the most advantageous footing possible by utilizing the FPD Contract Review and Negotiations services.

Amount due: $750.00