Contract Review and Negotiations

You're just about to enter "the real world” or maybe you worked for a while and taking on a new opportunity.  Your contract is worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and was written by lawyers for the practice that structured this contract against you.  Isn’t it prudent to have your contract reviewed by an attorney who is on your side?


FairPayDoctor has partnered with attorneys who specialize in physician contract review and negotiations to represent your interest point out potential pit falls and help amend contract in your favor.


As physicians, we don't always know what benefits to ask for or, even what we're worth and what could adversely affect us down the road when we need to terminate contract such as not compete clause.  Armed with FairPayDoctor salary statistics our attorney is in much better place to negotiating more lucrative compensation for your work and negotiating unwanted portions out of your contract.

Contract Negotiations can be tough. As doctors, we don't always know what we're worth or what benefits we should be getting. FairPayDoctor's salary statistics database will help with that, but knowing what you want and knowing how to go about getting it are two different matters!


Fortunately, FairPayDoctor has a solution for you. We partner with a leading name in the physician contracts marketplace. For a small one-time fee, hire an expert to represent you in negotiations with your hiring facility and give you your best shot at increasing your remuneration, reducing or eliminating your non-compete, and more!

Amount due: $1,650.00